The review will be in a number of stages:

Stage 1 – appointment and public consultation

  • The review will be conducted by an expert group led by a Chair. The Chair has been appointed by the Blood Service. The Blood Service and the Chair will agree on other Committee members.
  • The review will be advertised in the media and interested groups and individuals will be invited to make submissions.  Additionally, key stakeholders will be also notified of the review and the submission deadline.

Stage 2 – review and writing a discussion paper

The Committee will review all relevant medical and scientific literature and consider the public submissions. This will result in a draft discussion paper with initial recommendations.

Stage 3 – stakeholder consultation

The Review Committee will consult with key stakeholders (including the Therapeutic Goods Administration) about the draft discussion paper and the initial recommendations.

Stage 4 – review and reconsideration

  • The Committee will review stakeholder responses. The draft discussion paper and the recommendations will be reviewed in the light of comments and feedback received through the consultation process.
  • The Review Committee will then prepare a draft final report and recommendations.

Stage 5– legal review

The position paper will be reviewed by a suitably qualified independent external senior legal counsel to assess whether the recommendations are consistent with Australian law, especially anti discrimination legislation.

Stage 6 – Blood Service consideration and review

The position paper and recommendations will be forwarded to the Blood Service Chief Executive Officer for internal review prior to consideration by the Blood Service Board.

Stage 7 – implementation and other approvals

Any significant changes to current practice resulting from this review would require regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.